Compliance Information Net Expectations

Customer service information:
You can contact us by telephone, email, or in person (please arrange an appointment by phone to visit us in person). See our Contact Us page for contact information. Telephone calls are answered immediately during working hours (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays). We aim to respond to all emails within 1 working day.


Complaints procedure:
We hope you never have cause to complain. If you ever should, please either e-mail the complaint to us, or call and explain briefly the nature of your complaint to the person who answers your call. They will then transfer you to the best person to be able to deal with your complaint, or get someone to call you back if they are unavailable. Should you ever be unhappy with how we handle a complaint, please call or e-mail and ask to speak to a Director, who will review your complaint personally.


Abusive use of our services:Should you encouter anyone using our service(s) in an abusive manner, please e-mail as much information as possible to