What we do at Net Expectations

Aside from only supplying services to agencies, these are the top 5 things that make us unique: 

  1. Usability - Everything we do is created with the end user in mind. User friendliness is our top priority.
  2. Straight Answers in Plain English - We won't fill our sentences with technical jargon or try to confuse you. We explain and guide you through anything you need in plain English.
  3. Fixed Pricing and Fixed Timescales - We give you a fixed price and schedule at the start of any project - and we stick to it.
  4. Positive Attitude - We're "can do" people and we offer a hassle-free service. Sometimes our clients ask "Did you have any issues with that job?" - Our answer: "Sure, but nothing that we haven't overcome."
  5. Experience - Whatever your web project, it's likely that we've already done something similar, so we can guide you through the whole thing before we even start.

All of this adds up to...


  • You offering web services to your clients, with total confidence that they'll get an enviable end product.


Next Steps...